LogiRobot™ - Autonomous mobile robot for industrial material handling

LogiRobot is an autonomous mobile robot that is used for material handling in the manufacturing industry. LogiRobot™ can transport loads either on the top of it (200kg) or on a trailer it is pulling (2500kg). LogiRobots are used for example for transporting products, components, sacks and EUR pallets both indoors and outdoors on factory areas.

LogiRobot™ takes care of routine material handling tasks while employers can concentrate on more productive, interesting and creative tasks.

How does LogiRobot™ operate?

LogiRobot™ interacts with its surrounding by using its laser scanner and ultrasonic sensors. LogiRobot™ detects people and obstacles on its route, goes around them or stops if there is no space for safe passing. LogiRobot™ uses e.g. high-precision GPS and odometry for navigation.

LogiRobotTM - Autonomous mobile robot for manufacturing industry logistics

LogiRobotTM - Autonomous mobile robot for manufacturing industry intra-logistics

LogiRobotTM - "Greenie" for turf maintenance

Customer segments

Possibilities to utilize our autonomous mobile robots are very versatile.


Industrial material handling

Autonomous LogiRobot™ mobile robots are developed for the needs of industrial material handling. LogiRobot™ can carry a load of 200kg on the top of it and 2500kg on a trailer it is pulling.


Turf maintenance

“Greenie” mobile robot can be instructed to take care of artificial turf pitches. Greenie ensures high quality of the football pitch and lengthens its life-cycle. Saltex Oy / Unisport Group is our dealer on this segment.

Autonomous mobile platform

LogiRobot™ can be utilized as a mobile platform for many kinds of purposes. Then, various technological solutions can be assembled on it, e.g. scanners and surveillance cameras.

Outdoor maintenance

AntRobot™ is used for the maintenance of horse-riding rings and for transportation tasks in farming and gardening.

How LogiRobot™ improves the profitability of your business?

Our autonomous mobile robots help you to significantly decrease material handling costs through automation. Robots enable employees to concentrate on more demanding, interesting and creative work. People no longer need to do routine monotonous logistic tasks and their overall well-being at work increases.

What are the key competitive advantages of LogiRobot™?

LogiRobot™ enables significant cost savings compared to other, mainly man-operated, material handling solutions. It is easy to use, safe and environment friendly (battery-powered). It differentiates with its robust structure and possibility to use it both indoors and outdoors, also on uneven surfaces.

6 good reasons to choose the LogiRobot™

» Significant cost savings

You can achieve significant cost-savings through automation of material handling processes. LogiRobot™ is practically maintenance-free.

» Easy to use

It is easy to teach routes for LogiRobot™ and operate the robot on the daily basis. You can use it autonomously or manually with a remote control.

» Safety

LogiRobot™ complies with the industrial safety requirements. We always provide use and safety training for our customers in commissioning.

» Technical support

We can help customers through the remote connections we have on every machine. We provide customer support online and also on-site, if needed.

» High utilization rate

Normal operating time for a LogiRobot™ is 5-8 hours depending on the task. You can prolong the using time with additional chargings. You can use the robot both indoors and outdoors.

» Eco-friendliness

LogiRobot™ is battery operated, so it is quiet and emission free. Therefore, LogiRobot™ is a pleasant co-worker also indoors.

LogiRobot™ specifications

• Load on top max 200 kg
• Load on the trailer max 2500kg
• Autonomous and manual operation
• Automatic charging station

Technical details

• Motors: 2*1,5 kW
• Battery lifetime: 5-8h
• Weight: 480 kg
• Size: width 98cm, length 165cm, height 78cm

Safety solutions

• Laser scanner
• Ultrasonic sensors
• Safety bumpers
• Emergency stop button
• Caution light
• Sound signals

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