Why to use mobile robots for disinfecting?

✓ Can be used to spray disinfection liquid indoors or outdoors.
✓ Can be used e.g. to disinfect shops, schools, hospitals, airports, markets, sports halls etc.
✓ AntRobot™ is remote controlled or autonomous. Remote control is handled by PC software or smart phone APP via 4G or Wifi network.
✓ Containers for disinfection liquid range from 5 to 100 l.
✓ Spraying range is 1,5m-3m wide, area approx. 5000-6000 m² per one charge. Automatic charger available.

Making the World Better – Saves human capacity and is much safer for health.

Mobile robot for disinfecting

Mobile robot for disinfecting with the small sprayer

Mobile robot for disinfecting with the small sprayer at inside

How it works?

✓ AntRobot monitors level of liquid in the container and sends an SMS to the user when close to ending.

✓ AntRobot stops if there is no liquid in the container.

✓ AntRobot stops spraying when the robot is stopped or outside the spraying area.

With autonomous use:

✓ AntRobot moves, sprays and navigates automatically following area sides and routes.

✓ AntRobot stops when the defined route or area is done, returns to the charging station, and sends an SMS to the user.

Please contact for more information

Timo Blom
Phone: +358 400 623 738