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Robot assistant for industrial material flows

- Autonomous pulling machine/carrier of material, EUR and FIN
   pallets, total of 3-6 pallets up to 2 500 kg
- Can operate indoors or outdoors, inside a warehouse or 
   between warehouse and manufacturing facilities
- Follows the collector
- Remote controls avilable; own remote control or mobile user

- Can carry up to 200kg of material, can be equipped with a 
   container (empties electrically) or with workbench 
- Automatic identification and attachment to trailers

Robot assistant for logistics/heavy duties/simple tasks

Operates as a load carrier or a traction device
- tare 420 kg, electrical robot assistant
- Autonomic, semi-autonomic or manually operated
- Maintenance of sport arenas: artificial turfs/horse riding fields
    - autonomic shaping
    - Brushing of artificial turf
    - Gardens/plantations crop gathering and spraying

Tekno-Ants technical data:
- Industrial components, logics, motor controllers and motors
- 3G/WLAN connection, GPS, Compass, Bluetooth, RFID, Laser
- Any industrial sensor available
- Electricity for accessories: 230 VAC(16A), 12VDC(10A),
   24VDC(10A), and 24VDC(250A) momentary
- Minimal maintenance can be customized according to specific
- Basic work load, 8 hours and with additional batteries, up to 
  16 hours