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Workingrobot saves time and effort

With the help of the Ants robot, cleaning and carrying things at a farms or worksites will be easier than ever. Ants will carry hay and clean up manure for you, and will even act as your transportation vehicle. The quiet sound of its engine won’t frighten animals, making it safe to use inside. Ants is also an excellent tool for construction sites, farms, yard- or garden construction sites.

Customize workingrobot for your needs

Robot bugs for your assistance: 3000VA / 420kg


  • Collision prevention bumpers in the front and back
  • Personal tracking system in the front
  • GPRS/WLAN connection for software updates and Internet services
  • GPS location
  • manual push-button control/remote control
  • electricity for auxiliary devices: 240 VAC (16A), 12 VDC (10A), and 24VDC (10A)
  • - portable aggregate and work light
  • replaceable tool tray with:
    • electronic dumping
    • wheelbarrow container 200 l/300 l, polyethylene
    • wheelbarrow container 200 l, steel
    • plant box
    • working table
      • integrated field drag: adjustable depth 0-10 cm, two-line spring steel drag

Additional devices:

  • flail mower
  • sweeper w. collector
  • lawn mower
  • lawn- and leaf collector
  • sand spreader
  • fertilizer spreader
  • transportation cart for the machine
  • driving bench
  • extra wheelbarrow for the back
  • beam trailer
  • trailer with sides
  • music playback using a Bluetooth connection
  • Internet sharing
  • charging station

Pure joy of work for indoor areas or yards

Emission-free, odorless and quiet.

Charging time 3-4 h, works with a full burden for as long as 4 h.

Very cheap to use (ca.1 €/charge): let’s calculate together the payback time for your machine!

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