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Pullingmachine saves time and effort

With the help of the Ants robot carrying things and pulling things at a farms or worsites will be easier than ever. The quiet sound of its engine won’t frighten animals! 

Robot bugs for your assistance: 6000VA / 800kg

Ants pullingmachine:

  • GPRS/WLAN connection for software updates and Internet services
  • GPS location
  • manual push-button control/remote control
  • electricity for auxiliary devices: 240 VAC (16A), 12 VDC (10A), and 24VDC (10A)
  • portable aggregate and work light

Additional devices:

  • transportation cart for the machine
  • driving bench
  • extra wheelbarrow for the back
  • beam trailer
  • trailer with sides
  • music playback using a Bluetooth connection
  • Internet sharing

Pure joy of work for the heaviest working!

Emission-free, odorless and quiet.

Charging time 3-4 h, works with a full burden for as long as 4 h.

Very cheap to use (ca.1 €/charge): let’s calculate together the payback time for your machine!

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