LogiRobotTM is a mobile robot that is used for managing and optimizing material flows in the industry. LogiRobots are used, for example, transporting components, sacks and EUR pallets in the factory area. LogiRobots can carry a load of 200 kg and pull a trailer with a 2500 kg load. They can be used with a remote control or they can navigate autonomously on defined routes. LogiRobots enable significant cost savings compared to other material handling solutions commonly used in the industry (e.g. trucks and AGVs). LogiRobots are easy and safe to use and environment friendly (battery-powered).

LogiRobots can be used in several business fields such as manufacturing, mining and agriculture.

We mainly operate in the EU area and will expand our sales organisation in several countries in the forthcoming years. We are open for cooperation so please contact us for more information!