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A smart assistant helps you save money!

Make your life easier with a robot assistant: Save physical work and time

Ants brochure: Ants

No more wheelbarrow-pushing!   

Ants robotfamily helping you cleaning yards, gardens or pens! The Ants robot assistant will independently empty its container. You can control it yourself using a remote controller or teach it a route. The Ants pullingmachine could carry heavyest loads and pull heavyest burdens yourself using a remote controller.

Developed by Tekno-Ants Ltd, the Ants robot assistant is an efficient helper to a farm or a stables, a gardens or for a construction site. It will carry your burdens, clean up for you and even act as an electronic crawler.

Ants will:    

  • carry even the heaviest loads, such as bags of feed, mould, stones, plants, berrys etc.
  • act as a mobile electric station in your farm work
  • level your field or to cut your crass
  • pull a trailer
  • be a solid workstation and act as a portable work light
  • dump your loads
  • follow you when needed
  • communicate using text messages
  • make no emissions
  • Read more about the features and uses of the robot assistant!     

Ants helps the worker!    
Save physical work and time 

- for stables work, farms, riding centers
Stables robot assistant brochure.pdf

- for construction sites, yard and garden construction
Construction robot assistant brochure.pdf

Tired of the constant maintenance of the field or manège and carrying heavy burdens?

No worries! Ants can take care of maintenance in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping and tirelessly carry your burdens.

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Get easy assistance for your work today! 

Workingrobot with leasing funding, 5 years for only 350 €+ VAT /month  

(requires an approved credit decision from Nordea/Tukirahoitus Oy)

- The target will act as collateral, no need to invest capital in fixed assets

- The rent is 100 % tax deductible

- includes equipment safety insurance and a warranty for the leasing period
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